3 Responses to Crewing

  1. Geoff Martin says:

    Hi I have recently qualified as a Day Skipper and would love to get more sailing experience available most weekends, are you still looking for crew 2010?


  2. Kevin Nolan says:

    I raced second class sailing cots in Wexford Harbour in my early teens, But club fell apart. Recently returned to college as 38 year old mature student and joined the W.I.T sailing society, unfortunately there is no sailing during summer months and I am eager to get on the water. Would gladly crew and I am very reliable. Currently living in Dungarvan, please call on 086 8212367 anytime.


    Kevin Nolan

  3. Fiachra Ó Cinnéide says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a 38 year old male who has had a sudden and unexplainable urge/obsession to go sailing? To be honest, I’ve got very little experience of sailing (I’ve only been out a handful of times in my youth!) but am very keen, committed and reliable. I see myself owning a family type sailing cruiser in the next couple of years but needless to say – need to learn to sail first! To this end, I would be very very appreciative if I could be given the opportunity to crew on a boat or two. I’m a quick learner, competent and well able. If it’s any consolation, I’m not a total stranger to the sea and spent a few years Sea Kayaking B.C. (before children). Looking forward to hearing from ye,

    Fiachra 086 – 399 6531

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