Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club

Pontoon Committee

Maurice Brennock, John Connolly, Austin Flynn, Frank Shortall, Declan Walsh.

Annual General Meeting 2009

The AGM 2009 instructed the committee to regulate the use of the pontoon to allow the maximum use for all the members.  The committee will move boats which are moored in such a way as to cause inconvenient to members or cause a risk to the pontoon.  The committee is to apply effective sanctions to ensure equitable use of the pontoon up to and including  deactivation of the gate fob and revocation of membership.


Pick up and set down short stay



  The following arrangements will apply this year.


Punts are to be moored on the inside of the pontoon and not allowed to come around the corner downstream.  Punts are not to be left on the deck.


The yellow area for pick up and set down and short stay parking with the owner present only.  Boats may not be left in this area unattended.  Boats may not be left in this area overnight.


Members and visitors may moor in the brown area overnight only if they are staying aboard.  Please raft when this area if full.  Member wishing to do minor maintenance may do so in the brown area.  Please allow fin keeled boats the upstream berth where the mud is deeper.

Disabled Boats

Disabled boats may not be parked on the pontoon without the permission of the committee.


Please wear a PFD at all times when on or near the water.


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